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Why Wood?

Look around you and you will find wood. It has been mankind’s companion since we first began to use tools. It feeds our fires, gives us shelter, furnishes our homes and frames our treasured pictures. It is more than just a possession though, wood, and the trees we harvest it from evoke memories, feelings and a connection to the natural world that cannot be made through other materials.

The joy found in a piece of wood is increased as you work and shape it into something of beauty and purpose. Be it a spoon, bed or stable door the outcome, when working with wood, is always unique. Everything made by Sharpe Woodcraft is done with care, passion and a real pride in the process as well as the materials.

Many people ask me why I work with wood so I have done my best to highlight some of its best bits…!

  • Wooden products look and feel beautiful!
  • Every single piece of wood is different. Whether it is the pattern of the grain, intricacies of spalting, or the colour, every piece of wood has its own story to tell.
  • Wood is a wonderful material to work with; it can be worked with minimal tools and is very forgiving.
  • If cared for, items made of wood will last many lifetimes.
  • Wood, when responsibly sourced, is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, material.
  • Wood is strong and versatile and can be used for all kinds of applications, be it construction, furniture or simply scraping food off the bottom of a pan.

Wood has a low thermal conductivity. So wooden surfaces remain more neutral in extremes of heat or cold than many metals or plastics can.

For example, wooden utensils can stir the hottest of dishes without melting, scalding your hand, or changing the temperature of the ingredients. Nor does wood leach chemicals or strange tastes into food as plastic or metal can.

Sharpe Woodcraft prides itself on creating things from wood that people want to use, want to pick up and feel, sit upon or eat with. It is not only a passion but a privilege to be able to work with wood.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the process of creating any of the crafts, or if you have any special requests for commissions or engravings. Be sure to check the Shop for current stock!